Monday, 17 January 2011

But she ran with the morning sun

So, summer vacations! We went to a beach called Itapema in Santa Catarina, I got weird sun marks on the legs from the biking shorts, ran around 7 to 8 km on the sand (weirdly, my back hurt instead of my legs the next day), saved the apartment from getting flooded (my mom turned the bathtub tap on and forgot) and got ahead on my reading ( I'm enjoying Stieg Larsson so much).

I went back to Curitiba a few days earlier to get somethings I needed for the workshop, and took the time to go to the MON (Oscar Niemayer Museum). Amazing Magda Frank and Vasarely expo, and a new artist I didn’t know, John Graz. Unfortunately I found no books about him....And I was hopping there’d be a catalogue so I took no pictures *stupid*

At the museum, the tunnel that leads to the “Eye”(it's one of the museum's rooms and is quite amazing, I love it)

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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Every single day

Arrived at Itapema (it's a beach at Santa Catarina) yesterday and it's raaaaainiiiiiing! Sad ;-; I really like to go running and we brought bikes....hope it will get better the next few days.

And I made a little something to keep my new notebook (yey) from getting scratched. It was fun making this, thinking about making more :3

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