Monday, 20 February 2012

I've got an atlas in my hand

Ok! Now that I finally did that post about Sam, I can go on (I promissed I wouldn't post anything till I finished it, or I would be risking leaving it behind for too long...)

So in the last post about the masks, Saisons de L'esprit wasn't even finished yet, and I worked a few new things, that are already on flickr and facebook.

I experienced with some handmade, natural fibers paper, and it worked really well. I had a piece of paper stored since I was on my 3rd year of college (I don't even remember what it's made of) that I used for La Lune (the moon shaped one). The final result was weirdly similar to glass fiber. For the other base shown in the picture below, I used sugar cane paper, and it's the base I used for my first Florence, which are the ones with the hydrangeas applications.

La Lune already went to a new home, this is looking like now:

So, as could probably guess, the second news is that i started using the natural dried hydrangeas, and this is what I got:

The second one is not done yet, as I made her a bit too big for the amount of flowers I had. Waiting for them to come from Curitiba.

And, for a more vibrant ending, the chita flowers I found! I got them at the City Market, they came from Bahia:

Now, unfortunately I couldn't find out exactly where/from who they came from, so I'm trying to make some of my own, though I didn't quite achieve the beautiful form these ones have yet.

I already have a green base for some of them, also on sugar cane paper, and another one only in my head for now, still looking for a paper in the color I want(blue...but not just any blue, a very specific blue. I can be too picky sometimes, but well, she is going to London. And I actually already got her name, but that I'll explain when she's done ;]).

Oh, and there's a possibility of ceramic masks in a near future, let's see how it goes.

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

It's way past ten

Hello dears! First of all, I'd like to apologize for the delay of this post, it was supposed to come last week, but I had some internet connection issues and decided to only post when it was resolved. So here it is, I'm posting it exactly as I wrote for last week.

Well, it is clearly taking me longer to decide how to make this post than it would to write the whole thing (and the title is an extract of a song I'll mention, just to illustrate the fact ^ ^). And that is because I have a special feature for it!
A few months ago, my friend Fran introduced me to Sam Beeton's music, and to his very interesting way of delivering it. And who is Sam Beeton, and what is this interesting way, you may ask...well, Sam is this lovely British singer and song writer
(Unfolded Magazine, check the link for the complete interview - from Sam's facebook page)

And his music delivery system is Record Club, of which I've been a most delighted member since June 2011.
Through Record Club, instead of waiting for a year to get a common 12 track disc, you will receive one cd with new tracks every month with a customized cover. I've only started when it was already on volume 6, but when you subscribe somewhere along the way like I did, you will receive another cd with all the previously realesed tracks.
Sam always adds a drawing, stamp, or some other kind of artsy thing on the back of the covers, along with your name and a signature. And more than that, he is a sweetheart and always welcomes the new Record Clubers through his twitter and facebook
For every release, there's also a video about it, like this

He creates delightful folk music, which he writes himself. I really liked it when I heard it for the first time (Rain Down On You) and completely fell in love with it when I got to hear Sweet Luigi (my first favourite, which now goes along toe to toe with My Doll and Never Know Love). It’s a soft, cheerful sound that always gives me a light, breezy feeling like the one you get in a perfect summer day (like this ^ ^). It always makes me smile.
I'm in the hopes of seeing him live soon, with Fran ;) (well, it's probably not that soon, but we're planning ^ ^)
And according to Sam’s twitter, Record Club series 2 is already in the oven! So you should stop trying to make sense of this description I just gave, and enjoy the chance of getting this new batch right on its beginning and experiencing yourself ;) I'm sure you'll enjoy it very much.

And here are some links to some things you might want to find:

Official site
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