Saturday, 22 October 2011

Like when were children

I have mask neeeews! But first look at this cutie! It's a swallow, and it was standing on the edge of my balcony. I can never get pics of birds cause they fly away before I can get my camera, but this one stayed put  as I came closer and closer, completely posing for the camera haha I even reached for it as it let me get so close, to check if it was ok, but yes, it was just fine :)

Now about the masks, we were talking at Alliance Française about the end of the year party, which will be with an expo about french literature and our class will be in charge of Science-fiction and all. So I thought, what if I try to make masks with ancient book pages? So as I've been to Curitiba, I went to the second-hand bookstore and got some books that looked a bit worn out. 

The book pages worked beautifully, and molded with no problems. I was afraid it would not work, since I tried using newspaper once and it wouldn't attach properly to the mold, causing bubbles. I already demolded them, but they stayed in the workshop to dry, so no pics yet.

I'm also making paper rosettes to apply to some of them. 

(I've been all about yellow lately....before it was blue for about a whole semester.
 Wonder if those color changes make any sense)

And, oh, the cuteness. My mom brought Mubbins from Mubbinland (aka, a store in Paris)

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Friday, 14 October 2011

Don’t worry about the cavalry

               So, as I twitted, this first episode of "How I went to work today" is dedicated to my friend Fran. She knows why. The dress is from a brasilian brand I really like (which the name I forgot, shucks...I'll look into it when I go back home). They make a lot of patchwork-ie things, with crochet, embroidery and yarn applications. I already have another pastel-colored dress, and a bright-colored vest. And some scarves.

               The beautiful beautiful necklace was a gift from my lovely friend Amana (she's been my best friend since 3rd grade) and her family, and came from a street maket in São Paulo. 

               And ahm...I've had the stockings and ballerinas for so long, I don't remember where they came from...
              The pics were taken in the light well outside my room, and I'm thinking is too much white....Think I should invent some painting project for it? And more plants. Definately more plants.


Oh, and my father started a saltwater aquarium.


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Thursday, 6 October 2011

All strong! All brave! All heroes!

Am I the only one who remembers these? (in Brazil it seems so)

The Herculoids....this cartoon is so weird. It was one of my favorites, along with the well known Thundercats,  Jonny Quest, Ghostbusters, etc.

And I loved G-Force so much, and everytime I bring it up, people are like "wtf you talking about"

Oooh, and Thundarr the Barbarian! I kept remembering Ookla (the kindda wookie looking char) and could never remember the name of it! Took me about 6 years to find someone who remembered him and could tell me the name (yes, I'm that persistent)

Come on, you gotta love it, a meteor passes buy and steals the atmosphere from the Earth.

Did anyone besides me liked these?

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