Saturday, 23 July 2011

The magic that you do

Oh my, I wanted to write about so many things I already forgot half of them!

So I'll start by telling you a random fact, wich is...every freaking time I end some sort of project (exhibition, fair, lalala) I get completely lost for about two weeks. True. For a while, I have no clue how to start over. So I just...go and look at things, on the internet, in the streets, movies, theatres, read a lot, search for new things. Now, inspiration back on track (thanks mostly to new music) I got back to the masks.

Finished putting one down to the mold on thursday, waiting it to dry. Using the same mold as Hanabi, will make a full face with flower applications (like Fleurs de Saison) but using natural materials, wooden flowers, seeds, and maybe even some curry (the spice, yes). And on the side, working a new clay base, different shape. It's a moon, how do you like it? :D


And since of course music is always present, I'm gonna leave you with The Platters, who we got to see live last night. Amazing group, great energy, great presence, Mitchel is just the loveliest. I have no vids of my own cause I'm stupid and didn't take a camera. But I do have pics with them, just have to find when they get uploaded to the photographer's site. AND they sang in portuguese. 

Oh my...and just heard of Amy Winehouse's death...So sad, such a young talented woman.
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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Don't shrug your shoulders

Feature time! I wanna introduce to you a lovely friend of mine, and her awesome hand made work!

Her name is Mina Vesović, and she makes the beautiful coats I'm going to show here today ;) she's from Belgrade, Serbia, and a textile and fashion designer by The College of Textile - Design, Technology and Managment - DTM with a MA by the College of Design.

A while ago, she had her first solo presentation with her collection of coats, which she based on the characteristics and colors from the traditional Serbian costumes, using beautiful hand stitched embroidery patterns. Each coat is unique and has it's own figure and lines, as Mina said herself "My designs are very colorful and unique, and I don't have just one inspiration, I'm always trying to use many different things and make something unique from them."

Here's some of her work (just click the images to see them bigger)

These two are from her exhibition ;)

 And here are shots of some of her coats (the first one is my personal favorite :3 )

Aside from the coats, Mina has also done decoration related works such as courtains, and a handprinted changing room cabin, and one-piece productions, like the vest she made specifically for Mika, which you can see below:

                                  - Back full shot                                          - Front detail

Hope you enjoyed knowing lovely Mina and her great serbian design! In case you like to contact her, you can through her Twitter.

Edit: Now she has her own blog, SparklinaDesign! And a new twitter account, @SparklinaDesign.

See you next post (promisse it won't take this long) xx

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