Thursday, 28 October 2010

I will always be me


So here it is, a preview of my something to wear to Mika's first appearance here in Brazil.
It's taking sooo long to paint, I had no idea I'd need so many hours! But it's getting quite fancy <.3 It's front and back, I'll post the whole thing once I finish it (hopefully by this weekend).

And I'm still hunting for the black 'n white oxfords that refuse to exist in my size....

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Reminds that there's time to change

Pictures from the Bienal Brasileira de Design! (Brazilian Design Biennial)

I know I haven't written the last post in portuguese yet but....(I like to write in english better.Shh. Don't tell anyone.)

I particularly enjoyed the exposition on raw materials.

Natural rubber.

Curauá. It's a plant similar to pineapple, and it's been used make fibers, from fabric to something similar to glass fiber.

Fish skin. It's being made as an alternative material for bags, jewelry, shoes and etc. Also helps with the problem of disposing all the skin that is left from the food industry.

Stoll made of cardboard and fabric (they can take up to 130 kilos).

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Monday, 18 October 2010

A pretty flower in a vase

Well, it's been a while! Mostly 'cause I haven't been founding anything to post really =p I've been working at something, but I'm not going to show it just yet (it's something for Mika's concert at the Planeta Terra Festival in november).
I've been in Curitiba the last week, and staying 'till sunday, mostly for the Bienal Brasileira de Design. Already went to the part of it at MON (Museu Oscar Niemeyer) wich's about raw materials, and it was awesome. A lot of things being developed on natural fibers and rubber, and in the second part how recyclables are being re-used in all sorts of ways.

And of course, went a little shopping for books (can't resist a bookstore...) and fabrics. Awesome artichoke printed fabric! (I find artichokes amazingly beautiful btw... didn't know they blossomed 'till a few months ago). There was this little restaurant in the way I always took to go to the Leather school, and they always had sunflowers or blossomed artichokes on a little round table on the front, that's the first time I really saw one, although someone had told me about that some time before.

Artichoke <.3 (image from

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