Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Perchè eterno è il ricordo

This weekend went to see the transmission of Coppelia direct from Ballet Bolshoi in Russia :) Amazing ballet, only thing bad was that something went wrong inn our cinema and the the lower parrt of the frame ( were the feet were supposed to be..) was cut =/ but it was great anyway :3 The Bolshoi ballets are being transmited by LiveMobz in various cinemas.

Too bad I missed Artem Ovcharenko, he danced on the day before the transmission was made. Check him out, he's great 

Ok! Sewed more this week than i have before in my whole life.

Stayed till almost 1 a.m cutting felt circles to make little flowers 

And today finished some other bags.

Will be at an event called Mega Bazar Lúdica in Curitiba next week ;)

Erm, almost forgot something....a piece of hand drawing, my entry for the XL column thingie (yeah, only people from MFC will know about that XD hey guys *hugs*)


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