Friday, 14 October 2011

Don’t worry about the cavalry

               So, as I twitted, this first episode of "How I went to work today" is dedicated to my friend Fran. She knows why. The dress is from a brasilian brand I really like (which the name I forgot, shucks...I'll look into it when I go back home). They make a lot of patchwork-ie things, with crochet, embroidery and yarn applications. I already have another pastel-colored dress, and a bright-colored vest. And some scarves.

               The beautiful beautiful necklace was a gift from my lovely friend Amana (she's been my best friend since 3rd grade) and her family, and came from a street maket in São Paulo. 

               And ahm...I've had the stockings and ballerinas for so long, I don't remember where they came from...
              The pics were taken in the light well outside my room, and I'm thinking is too much white....Think I should invent some painting project for it? And more plants. Definately more plants.


Oh, and my father started a saltwater aquarium.



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