Monday, 20 February 2012

I've got an atlas in my hand

Ok! Now that I finally did that post about Sam, I can go on (I promissed I wouldn't post anything till I finished it, or I would be risking leaving it behind for too long...)

So in the last post about the masks, Saisons de L'esprit wasn't even finished yet, and I worked a few new things, that are already on flickr and facebook.

I experienced with some handmade, natural fibers paper, and it worked really well. I had a piece of paper stored since I was on my 3rd year of college (I don't even remember what it's made of) that I used for La Lune (the moon shaped one). The final result was weirdly similar to glass fiber. For the other base shown in the picture below, I used sugar cane paper, and it's the base I used for my first Florence, which are the ones with the hydrangeas applications.

La Lune already went to a new home, this is looking like now:

So, as could probably guess, the second news is that i started using the natural dried hydrangeas, and this is what I got:

The second one is not done yet, as I made her a bit too big for the amount of flowers I had. Waiting for them to come from Curitiba.

And, for a more vibrant ending, the chita flowers I found! I got them at the City Market, they came from Bahia:

Now, unfortunately I couldn't find out exactly where/from who they came from, so I'm trying to make some of my own, though I didn't quite achieve the beautiful form these ones have yet.

I already have a green base for some of them, also on sugar cane paper, and another one only in my head for now, still looking for a paper in the color I want(blue...but not just any blue, a very specific blue. I can be too picky sometimes, but well, she is going to London. And I actually already got her name, but that I'll explain when she's done ;]).

Oh, and there's a possibility of ceramic masks in a near future, let's see how it goes.



  1. I like La Luna... it reminds me of a character from some cartoon....

    I love your work dear :D

    1. Thank you dear! I like her too :} I love you work as well, I can't wait for the day I'll be able to buy one of your coats ^ ^


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