Saturday, 31 March 2012

Heaven, I'm in heaven

Today was la Fête de la Francophonie at Alliance Française Maringá, in which I participated with a piece...inspired by Marcel Marceau.

An here it is, La Voix

And brace yourselves, there's a lot of writing coming ...ok, not that much, but it's in french and then in english, 'cause I wrote the original in french, so there you go:

J'ai été invitée a participer de la exposition de la Fête de la Francophonie aujourd'hui, e pendant quelques semaines j'ai eu des problémes pour trouver une forme de représenter, à travérs des masques, ce très complexe théme. C'est quand le célèbre Marcel Marceau a été si gentil de me donner un coup d'inspiration avec son sketch "The Mask Maker", lequel vous pouvez voir dans la salle a cotê.
Alors je me suis dit, quel image pourrait meilleur le faire que cela du mime! Bien, sur les masques au moins...
L'oeuvre s'appelle La Voix, en raison de cette merveilleuse capacitè du mime d’exprimer tellement, même sans rien dire.

I was invited to participate in the exhibition of the Fête de la Francophonie today, and for a few weeks I've had some problems finding a form of representing, through the masks, this very complex theme, This is when the renowned Marcel Marceau was so kind as to give me a strike of inspiration with his sketch "The Mask Maker".
And I thought to myself, what image could do it better than that of the mime! Well, on the masks at least...
This piece is called "The Voice", due to this wonderful ability of the mimes, of expressing so much without a word spoken.

The writing (which is in french in the piece) is an extract of Tabacaria, a poem by Fernando Pessoa

"Não sou nada
Nunca serei nada
Não posso querer ser nada
Àparte disso, tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo."

"Je ne suis rien
Je ne serais jamais rien
Je ne peux pas vouloir être rien
À part ça, j'ai en moi tous les rêves du monde."

"I am nothing
I will never be anything
I cannot wish to be anything
Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams of the world."

And as Frank Sinatra is in my head right now, here, have yourselves a bit of joy ;)


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