Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Down on Baker Street

Yeeeeees, we're going to London!! Oh, lovely London, how I've missed thee.
(We are going to Paris as well, but you know...London is London)

As usual I'm getting a bit nervous, so I though I'd write something, anything to get a bit distracted.
I've always liked London quite a lot, even though I haven't spent more than 5 days there counting both times I went (and during which I didn't visit the bookstores...oh, the bookstores...I'm obviously also going to visit Shakespeare & Co in Paris, but I'll talk about that later).
Of course everything got worse now, as I was reawakened to Sherlock Holmes through the amazing BBC's series Sherlock. And Mr. Cumberbatch's readings. Seriously, have you listened to any of his readings? What a marvelous voice (I'll shut up about that one day, I'm sure.....). Anyway, I'll add Ode to a Nightingale at the end, be sure to listen, even if just a bit :)

Oh, and of course, if any of you have advice on must-see spots in London (besides the usual tourism plan of course) I'd be much pleased to hear them. I'll sure be passing by 221b Baker Street, and some bookstores (God, I hope I don't bore my parents to death), but every city has those lovely peculiarities only known by a handful of people, and I'd be so very glad to get to know some.

Hopefully I'll have lots of pics, since I won't have to keep trying to fit me in the frame with only as much as an arm distance (lonely traveler is sad). I also lost most of the pics I took in 2008 when my hard drive went bananas...oh well at least I could keep one of my favourites.

(if you can find out where this is I'll bring you a cookie :D)

Well, for now I must go dears, I'll post as much as can during the actual trip!

And here is Ode to a Nightingale. There's a link to the transcription under the video. Enjoy :)


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