Monday, 21 May 2012

Only the Wind

So we go back to London (lovely, lovely London. Yes, even if everyone was complaining about how cold it was. It wasn't that cold)

See? Not that cold

And you know, I was sorting out the pics and there's no way I can do this in only one post, so there'll be two. And also, I don't have half of the pics with me.

My mom was constantly very impressed with the supermarkets...and I was was constantly overflowing happiness for no apparent reason (I wonder why...)

I don't have as many food places to write about in London as in Paris, since we took a flat instead of a hotel, so we often dinned at home.

We stayed with Hyde Park Suites, who offers flats at the lovely Inverness Terrace, in Bayswater, one block away form the Kensington Gardens.

And this is Inverness Terrace...

...and me, trying to warn my father that he's going to be run over by a car.

It is very easy to go wherever you want from there, the tube station is one block away, at Queensway, and you can actually take the traditional double-decker (the regular ones, not for tourism) at Bayswater Road straight to Oxford street.
I don't really recall where this was taken, it's just to illustrate what is 
a double-decker, just in case anyone's not familiar with it

 The area is well served with supermarkets, it has a Sainsbury's and a Tesco right next to the Bayswater tube station, and a Marks&Spencer in the Whiteleys shopping center.
It also has the Bayswater Arms pub, where we had the famous Fish 'n Chips and a jar of Pimm's. I miss Pimm's...

Other than that we ate a lot at Pret a Manger, they have very well made fresh food, and a nice variety of sandwiches and soups. 

And this is their napkin 

 We also went o KFC at Earl's Court, where my father took this very flattering pic of me and my cousin

 And had coffee at Costa Coffee. Nice coffee in big cups with delicious muffins. There's one on the second floor of the Waterstones bookstore at Trafalgar Square.

And we went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. The Sherlock Holmes Museum. And it's at 221b Baker Street. Embrace the awesomeness.

And I'm looking so odd in this pics but I don't even care

Next time I'm in London I'll go back and take more pics (every time I'm London I'll go back and take more pics...)

Ok, that's enough for today, so it doesn't get tiresome. See you in the next post

xx Andy


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