Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Não chore não, viu

On the name of all creation, it's been two months. I apologise. Things got piled up these last couple of months, one big project that was a handful, will post about it soon, another not so big, but very time consuming nevertheless, will post about it today, and some other pieces being balanced around.

The big one was sent for the Salão Paranaense, it's a contemporary art salon. The results come out in august, wish me luck!

The not so big one was for my contribution to an arts event called Cabaré Artístico, held by Pedras theatre school, where I take my circus classes. It was the Centenary of Luiz Gonzaga, and I made masks according to the theme, the brazilian northeastern culture.

This is Asa Branca, by Luiz Gonzaga (I sang this in a theatre presentation we did in school when I was...around 12 or 13)

And the masks were made with chita, e very colourful cotton fabric very much used in the northeast.

And these are some of the masks that came from it

I don't have proper shots of all of them, but I'll soon post some at my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/AndyFerrariStudio. Keep an eye on it for more.

And as masks are made to be worn, not just sit there, some of my lovely, beautiful friends put them to their purpose by the end of the event


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