Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Artists shopping

Hi again sweethearts. Another post with no photos this time...
But it's ok since we're talking about...shopping 8D Because I believe that for any kind of artist visiting Italy, it's indispensable to take a look at 1. the amazing bookstores e 2. the art supplies shops.
I know in some countries is not that hard to find the stuff you can buy in these stores as it is in Brazil, but it's just nice to take a look at them for the store itself.

Even though, I'll give some links to online stores, and for the actual stores, I'll stay just in Florence grounds.

In case you're staying a little longer and have a place you can have stuff delivered, the online stores.
(although most of them also have stores somewhere in Italy)
1. Amicucci - http://www.amicucci.it/ <- The actual store is in Urbino. If you're planning to go there, take a look at the store. If not....then you shoul'd use this as an excuse to go. It's a very pretty little town.
2. Il Foglio - http://www.ilfoglio-sas.com/ <- The store is in Milan, but is kindda hard to reach (well, at least I couldn't) çause not even the subway gets there. If you can go by car good, but it's probably easier to order online. They send the whole catalog by e mail .
3. Muller Colori - http://www.mullercolori.com/ <- The store is in Genova, and they also have a profile at facebook.

Physical stores

1. Salvini Articoli per Belle Arti <-

Via degli Alfani, 127r - 50121 - FIRENZE - Got all my etching tools here.

2. Rigacci <-Via dei Servi 71 r - really close to the Duomo, on a street that start just in front of it in the left side if you're facing the church.

3. Zecchi <- Via dello Studio <- basicly a street in the same line as the one for Rigacci, but starts in the right side of the Duomo.

Oh, and we can't forget about the little masks store from Prof. Agostino Dessì, in Via Faenza 72 r. There you can take a look at some of his work with the cartapesta and also buy his book.

Well, for the bookstores, I still have to check the adresses, so I'll leave it to some other day.


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