Monday, 16 August 2010

At home

Well, finally I can post some pictures here! Without almost killing my computer anyways.
I actually have no idea where to start, and since I can only put five at a time, I'll just post a few from each subject.

This is the Agostino Dessì's store in Florence. His work is really amazing, please check his website for info
He also teaches some of his techniques. I was in a course to take the basics, two years ago, and this time I came back just to remember some details and learn new finishings.

This is the base mask, ready to receive whatever work you decide to do on it.

This, is my pretty pretty mongolian bow! It´s a Wolf II from Kassai, blue with dark gray biding and horn on the hilt, 30". Unfortunatly, it didn't arrive before my classes were over, so I didn't shoot with it yet...Need to get my arrows soon.

And these....were my favorite breakfeast ever. I have no idea what these round red thingies are, but they look so cute I felt like taking a pic. In one of the markets there you could just buy a box with a portion of all four berrys:


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