Friday, 3 September 2010

Oxfords or Brogues?

So, as I said in the last post, I decided to do here a little explanation about oxford and brogue shoes. Why? Because the oxford shoe is becoming really famous here in Brazil in this summer collections, and it wasn't until I got one that I found out about this difference.

For starters, let's explain what is broguing. It's a particular type of decoration, made by punching holes to make patterns along the seams.
And what are the brogues? They are heavy leather shoes, originated in Scoland and Ireland, with open lacing and usually made in natural tones, as they were traditional men's country shoes, made for outdoors.
The Full brogue, would be the ones with W shaped toe cap, and the Half-brogue would be the one with a round cut toe cap, although today this may refer to the degree of broguing in closed lacing shoes, like the Oxfords.

The Oxfords, also originated in Scotland and Ireland (and also called Balmorals), may or may not be brogued, and it's level of formality can depend on the type of leather it is made of, and the details like plain toes (more formal) or capped toes (less formal). As so, they can vary from being realy formal to daytime shoes.

Traditional Ghillie brogues

Closed lacing brogues

Oxford shoes


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