Sunday, 21 November 2010

And then POP goes my heart

Yesterday...Mika's show on Planeta Terra Festival. It was so amazing. We were kindda afraid people who were there for the other bands were going to cause some kind of problem, but it was perfect. So perfect.

We wen't to the front two bands before him, and for everyone's surprise he was the very first one that actually made us start being crushed against the bars XD and everyone partcipated when he asked, and jumped together and sang (!) together. Really. Couldn't have been better.

Specially because...........we met him after the show <.3 He's such a sweet heart, let us all in to take pictures.
He seemed so happy during the concert. Guess that's all that really matters to me :}
Hoppe he'll come back soon ^ ^

Oh, and camera didn't take good pictures from the stage =_= but I'll borrow from someone else latter :}


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