Saturday, 11 December 2010

Before the clocks kept time

Ok then! Finally stoped making such a huge mess with the plaster.......for now.

Got two new molds, the small one is actually made of my face. Don't know how well that will go =p
The bigger one (wich is weighting a ton! hope it will get a little lighter as it dries) was made all by hand. That's the one I was testing. Seems like it turned out ok by the newspaper test (newspaper is terrible to work with btw @.@) and I'll start with the decent paper this next week.

It goes for this sketch:

Of course it's not gonna be exactly like it (God am I horrible at modeling clay!). Took me more then a few days to get it slightely the way I wanted.

I'm also gonna work other colors on it, I already have two "characters" for this mold (influenced by the songs at the time as always ;D).


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