Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chante au Bistrot 82!

A wednesday filled with New! Last night was my first in the house, which was great, I love the light well I have in my bedroom. Mika sang a new song in his gig in Seoul yesterday (maybe you don't know, but he had been quite out of the picture till a couple of months ago, and to me it's nice to hear something new :}), my dear friend Fran made me realize I don't need my camera cable 'cause the new computer can read the memory card (yes, I'm that slow, lol), and I went to Curitiba and stayed a week to go to the opening of the Bienal Vento-Sul.

The weather was surprisingly good! Good weather in Curitiba makes me happy. I went to the municipal market, which is a dream if you like to cook with fresh things, and got artichokes....


Which I made in the oven with a bit of balsamic vinager and tiny potatos, after having them slightly sauteed in a pan while olive oil and fresh chopped garlic. They ended up very good.

Sunday I went to the street market at the Largo da Ordem, and the weather was still good! 

And there I found new material for the masks! They are beautiful dryed hydrangeas, dyed in all sorts of colors. They are gorgeaous and very soft. You can find them right in front of the Garibaldi Palace(last pic).

And this, well is a painting on a parking lot wall that I found quite interesting...

And then, coming back from taking these pics, I stoped by the Contemporary Art Museum, and found out the entire second floor were exhibitions of some of my college teachers! I took some pics too 

Rossana Guimarães (was my engraving teacher on the 1st year)

Juliane Fuganti (etching teacher, 4th year)

Roberto Pittela (photography teacher)

Pedro Gória (etching teacher, 3rd and 4th years)

Beatriz Nocera (Composition and plastic, painting ,and semiotics teacher)

Ok, I think that's enough for one post right? Right. So see you soon...I'll bring news on the hydrangea masks :)


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