Monday, 5 September 2011

Coming closer to you

Yesterday went funny. This week I was invited to go on a group photographic walk, organized by a photography group here in Maringá. So I spent last night organizing my beautiful Yashica and her lenses. I happen to have no internet at home, 'cause we are in the process of moving from the appartment to a house, and by a planning error, the phone and internet wen't to the new place before us. Anyway, my father decided to come to his clinic to check some things, and I took the chance to come and borrow some connection ( ok, this was just babbling to illustrate the oddness of the sittuation).

And it seems like I'm in a photography themed day today! First thing, there are new posts on Eriko's flickr. She's a MFC fellow from Japan, and her pics are just lovely, you should check out her gallery. Then, I was going through Pinterest (which I love) and found a pin to a Drawings in Motion blog post about camera straps, that led me to this fantastic ribbon store called Les Bon Ribbon. Might as well try it myself, my own strap is as old as I am, and is starting to show some signs....or a lot. And going on with it, I'm also gonna share a link to another photography gallery, this time from my wet Curitiba city, where I went for college, in which I had my own first photography lessons. Her name in Fran Correa, and to me some of the pics just have a lovely Oren Lavie feeling to them, such that I can't help but playing it in my head as I go through the gallery.

Anyhow, I ended up not taking that many pics (way too many people on the square we went to), but I'll be posting them soon, along with some other that have been waiting too long to be developed (hey, I have to go all the way to Curitiba for that....sad).

Just so this post won't be completely picture-less, I'll give you some of the photograms I did in college, using negatives that were taking with that same Yashica I'm using now :)

Oh right, yes, that is my mom, my dad and I in the pics.

Going to Curitiba on friday and gonna stay there till the 20th, will go to the Bienal VentoSul opening, and try to get some new material for new masks, since my mom is bringing me paper from Italy.


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