Wednesday, 14 July 2010

No pics for now...

Well, it turns out my anti virus found something in my camera o.õ I don't know what, since I already cleaned it and scanned it and everything...But everytime I try to copy photos it gets blocked. So, I'll try to buy another card, and if that doesn't work, maybe the problem is with the computer (a lot of weird stuff happening with it lately...)

But as I can't put pictures, I'll talk about food 8D AS you may or may not know, I'm a vegetarian. and I found the most amazing soy products line here *o*

If you wanna take a look the site is in italian, but you can change to english on the top right corner. And they work not only with soy, but with rice too. And it's reaaly good. I only got the hamburguer and the cotolette (wich looks like chicken).
I've been having to cook to go to school, and this turned out to be a great help. In Brasil, we make our own hamburguers from the texturized soy protein, and it ends up taking a lot of time.

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