Friday, 2 July 2010

Told you....

So, as I said you must be carefull when getting a place without seeing it first. I arrived Sunday, got really lost, because I forgot my map, and it took me like one hour to find the house (it should've been a 10 minute walk).

Than I got there and the girl who rented it didn't live there. Not that big off a deal, but I was a little lost about it when I arrived.

In the end I was lucky, because the people who are living with me are really nice, and for now, there's no one else in my room (it's a double).

I couldn't make the internet work lol. Is a WEP thing I have no idea how to configure, so I'm using the internet at the IED and the Pa Kua schools when I can .A. really hard to figure the timing, in Brasil is 5 hours earlier.

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