Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Non mi importa quanto cielo dovrò strappare

So, went to Curitiba this weekend :) And since the Curitiba Theatre Festival was taking part, we decided to pick at least one show. We saw the most amazing piece by Circo Roda, called DNA, Somos Todos Muito Iguais (DNA, We are all too much alike) at the Ópera de Arame(Wire Opera House).

And of course, on sunday morning we went to the Largo da Ordem street market. It takes place every sunday morning at Curitiba's historical center, close to a lot of art galleries and museums. You can find all sorts of things in this amazing fair, from the Drooling Horse (no, that's not the real name...it's The Memory Fountain ^ ^) right in the middle of it, amazing food and handmade everythings.

If you ever go to Curitiba, this is a must visit. If don't....well at least you can check this out. It's in portuguese, but provides amazing pics from all over the city :)


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