Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Where the streets have no name - cont

About the concert

As usual, I cannot sleep after the concert. And since I don't have my computer, I just had to grab pen and paper and write some thoughts that came to me ( I actually do that a lot, having to get up to write/draw stuff).
I guess I have much to thank that my musical cultura basicaly began with U2. Such an amazing group in so many aspects, they were so right for me. All the message they are able to pass if you're willing to listen.
It's a band I don't "fan" about (in the sense of knowing every detail about everything they ever did since they were born), but it's always there, and I never forget about. 
Never the songs won't take me to a contemplation moment, so I usually keep them for special times.
And on sunday....What a stage presence. What an absolutely gorgeous presentation. The opening by Muse was exquisite, but it is just how it is....When U2 enters the stage, you pretty much forget anything that came before them.

When they arrived on stage every single person in that crowded stadium started jumping (which was quite scary, 'cause we could feel the terrace trembling under our feet. That actually made people stop jumping after a while, although I think it's no big deal for a stadium like that. But it was scary even so).

The entire thing was great. One, Pride, Where the Streets Have no Name, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, City of Blinding Lights, just to name my favorites...And the Singing in the Rain, Amazing Grace and Black Bird pieces between songs.

Had to start leaving in the middle of Moment of Surrender...always gives me a sad feeling, leaving without the band having finished and said goodbye, but it was way too crowded to risk being caught by the big mass. On the brightside, I found the tour portfolios still avaiable in one of the stands on our way out. Now I'll start a little U2 box, with the one I got in 2006, the magazines and newspapers 

Opening by Muse

Bono talking between songs


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