Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Where the streets have no name

Today we are back from São Paulo. We went there for the Arte na Vila at Vila Madalena on saturday and sunday, and the U2 concert on sunday (wich was so great, but I'll talk about it later).

So much to teeeeeell! I didn't even know what to start with...So let's go with some of the places :]

This is at the Ô de Casa Hostel, where we stayed from friday to sunday. It was like staying at a little country house right in the middle of São Paulo.

 And right around the corner, saturday morning there was a street market. So beautiful with all the colors and weird fruits  The ones in the bowls are different types of pepper :)

This was the wall of one of the houses along the way of Vila Madalena.

 This is the patio in the house where Etno Botânica,  a natural dyeing workshop, is placed. There was a indigo dyeing demonstration, pretty cool.

 I have no idea what this pub/bar/restaurant/something is about, but it looked so preety along with the tree

Inside the city market

And last but not least...The beautiful, amazing, gigantic stage for U2 360º concert on sunday. I'll write more about that in another post (just so it won't mix everything) Oh, and that's me by the grass thing, pointing at the stage.... XD


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