Thursday, 3 November 2011

Saudade é pra quem tem

This post is about cake. Because everybody likes cake. And because I finally solved a problem I've had since the first cake I ever baked: keeping it from sticking to the pan. So I found this Miracle Pan Release post on Apron of Grace (through Pinterest, I believe), and I decided to try.....and it so worked. The cake came out all pretty (I broke it a bit when putting it on the plate of course, but that's another story). And yeah, I found no cake plate, so it's in a pasta plate.

Very complex recipe....mix 1 measure of shortening, 1 measure of vegetable oil and 1 measure of flour (the measure can be any, depending on how much you need, just make sure you have the same for all three ingredients). You can see the whole post at Apron of Grace here.

I think I've liked orange/yellow coloured cakes more than chocolate ones since I was a kid. Absolutely loved carrot cake.

And I wanted to do this classical icing I grew up seeing on orange cakes, but I had no icing sugar and due o the holiday, everything was closed ;.;  But anyways, it's reaaally good icing, and all you have to do is slowly mix the juice of a lemon and half an orange to 1 1/2 cups of icing sugar till you get a nice, smooth and white mixture. You can check here for the full cake and icing recipes + pics :)


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