Sunday, 20 November 2011

Se alguém levasse embora até o que eu não tinha


(Sorry, I don't know how to add subtitles to the vid, would anyone, please?)

oh, note that the harsh comments (as the 'who cares where the natives will live') are mostly ironic/sarcastic #justsaying

- Have you ever heard of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant?
- Have you ever been to Amazonia?
- Do you know what “clean energy” means?
- Sustainable development? Ever heard of that?
- What does that have to do with me?
- What does that have to do with me?
- But, what does that have to do with me?
- Well, I pay my taxes on time, I recycle, I teach my children to respect others…
- And I still have to bother about a hydroelectric in Pará?
- But see, if there’s no Belo Monte plant, there’ll be no electric energy. If there’s no power, how am I supposed to turn on my tv to watch my soap operas?
- There’s no way to have no power. I’m like the most connected person ever!
- God forbid we have no power!
- No power, no cell phone, no iPad, no iPhone,  no i….everything!
- Belo Monte will be the third biggest hydroelectric plant in the planet!
- In the world.
- Why does it matter to build the 3rd biggest hydroelectric plant in the world, if in fact, it’s only going to produce 1/3 of its capacity?
- Wait a minute. What do you mean? Only 1/3?
- Because during 8 months a year, that region is practically dry.
- I’m not getting this guys, I’ll have to research then…
- I did research, go check.
- I researched…and it’s going to cost 30 billion.
- 30, what?!
- 30 billion.
-30 billion?!?
- 30!
- Billion?!
- Who’s paying for that? You?
- …
- You?
- You.
- Yeah, the clown here.
- 80% of that is taxes.
- Do the math. Realize it. It’s 24 billion reais coming out of your pocket.
- Our money, to a work of this proportion
- And no one is going to discuss it. We’ll pretend as if nothing is going on.
- The only thing is, below the dam, the river flows through the Xingu National Park.
- The Belo Monte plant will flood, overflow, destroy 640 km ² of Amazonian forest.
- Who was the one that said hydroelectric is clean energy?
- Wait wait wait. It is clean energy. Way better than nuclear or coal-fired power.
 - It would be clean if it was in a deserted area. But in a forest?
- We have the world’s biggest forest.
- One question!
- How to solve Brazil’s energy issue?
- It is possible to create other alternatives to create energy. Eolic energy, solar energy.
- This is the first of many plants the government wants to build in Amazonia during the next 20 years.
- Where will the riparians and natives be taken to?
- No, who cares if the natives will have nowhere to live?
- Look, we’ll take the riparians to the slums and the fish to the aquariums, there, solved.
- To me, natives want to live in the city.
- Yeaah, take antibiotics…
- Education…confort…
- Natives…are there any yet?
- I wonder if the natives are heard.
- A lot of question with no answer.
- If the construction of the Belo Monte plant ends up to be a mistake, it’s a path with no return.
- Do you see? We need to pay more attention to Brazil.
- Do know that feeling of regretting something you didn’t even do?
- Because we say we won’t regret but eventually we do.
- At this moment, all over the world, thousands of people are going to the streets to protest and change their destiny.
- Join this chain, let’s do something for Brazil.
- Go to this site. There you’ll find a petition for you to sign, and several links to your question’s answers.
- Do you understand that if we get a great number of signatures, we can stop this construction.
- Read the petition, and sign it. We’ll send it to the congress and to president Dilma Roussef.
- Ok, hold on, if you’re listening to this is because you’re connected. So go on! Sign it now, I’ll wait.
- It’s just one click.
- No leaving it for later.
- Take your time, I’ll even get more comfortable…
- So? I’m still here, still waiting….
- I’m not DiCaprio but…sign it…
- If you, like me, already signed it, you just have to send it to 10 friends.
- Pass it on to them.
- You don’t have 10 friends?
- Come on, you must have 10 friends, nowadays with Facebook, everyone has like a million friends.
- Trending Topic, how about it?
- Like that we create a wave.
- A wave of awareness.
- There’s still time.
- Pass on this message ahead.
- President Dilma, we don’t want that, in the future, studying Brazil’s history, people see that we had the opportunity to make a place more healthy, fair and responsible, and did nothing. Think of the Brazil your grandson is going to grow in.


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